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Contact Improv Sarasota, Florida
JANUARY 2017 UPDATE: the most current contact improv info for Sarasota Florida can be found at these pages. The links should be clickable, but if not, just copy and paste them:
Sarasota Contact Improv Jam Facebook page:
Conscious movement Sarasota page: as of January, they have a contact improv jam the 2nd Sunday of every month. The regular conscious movement events are also "contact friendly" and some people at them do contact improv dancing. View this link for details and updates -
Also, the Sarasota Ecstatic Dance events are a “contact friendly” space, meaning if you like contact dance it's open for that. Their page is here:

Sometimes they have an hour dedicated to contact improv at the start:
The front page of this website might not get updated again, so there might now be additional contact improv events not at the pages above. Thus, we recommend you ask people at the groups above if there are now other events in the area, or other websites that list events. If you want to learn more about contact improv, there is a host of information and resources below.
OCTOBER 2015: The weekly contact improv dance is on hold until we have more people who can help put it on. We have enough who want to attend, and just need people who can help in various ways. If you’re interested in helping, please let us know here. If you want to be notified via email when it starts again, click here.
Contact improvization is an enjoyable mix of dancing, stretching, fun, yoga, massage, and mindfulness. It’s easy to learn. There are no rules so there are no mistakes. Instead, there are a variety of options for things that can be done. Many of them are natural impulses and instincts to move, stretch and nurture that are hard-wired into you from the time you were born. Others come from learning. Most learning takes place in classes at local yoga centers or dance studios, or informally at dances.
If you’re new or somewhat new to contact, we recommend checking out this great video to get an intro to some of the principles of contact improv. Contact improvisation is a world-wide phenomenon: the feed to the right has announcements of festivals and events you can attend around the globe. In some places like Boston it's so popular there is contact dancing five nights a week, ranging from doing it with live musicians at night to doing it without music on Sunday mornings.
If you’ve never tried it or have only tried it a little, and want an introductory one-hour lesson for only $10, contact Peter at 617-459-7709 or at peter (at) leastof dot org and if he's got time, he will. If you’ve done it and want a lesson to delve more deeply into learning it, it’s $35. The $10 lesson is only for people who feel they don’t know the form well enough to know if they’d like it, and is a chance for you to try it out.
To see more contact improv, here are some videos from different countries. Please note that online videos tend to show faster, more advanced highlights, and that most contact is done slower, and is easy to learn and do:
What Contact Improv is

It is hard to define because it can take many different forms depending on the people doing it, so you usually have to combine a couple of people definitions to get a good feel for it. Here is one of the better descriptions we've seen so far:

Contact Improvisation is a moving massage. It is a dance that fine tunes your senses and wakes up your ability to listen and respond to what is happening in the moment. If you could do Aikido, surf, wrestle and dance at the same time, you would have an idea of what Contact Improvisation feels like. What makes Contact different from other dance is that partners are often moving in and out of physical contact while rolling, spiraling, springing and falling. They find ways to "enjoy the ride" and improvise while mutually supporting and following each others movements. The dancing is unpredictable and inspired by the physical and energetic contact the partners share. - Ernie Adams

The above gives about half of it - mix in sizable amounts of stretching, classic massage, partner dancing, stillness, partner yoga, restfulness, playfulness and laughing and the picture is close to complete. Also, each person is different and will tilt more towards some things. That's the good thing - you have the freedom to dance as you wish - you don't have to contain who you are into a limited box that someone else determined for you.

This article in the Village Voice does a pretty good job at describing it, and if you're new we recommend you read it.


Contact began over thirty years ago at Oberlin College in Ohio and has spread across the U.S. and the globe. You can read about the origins at Wikipedia, in this article in the Village Voice and at this Oberlin College page.

Other links

If you Google contact improv, you will get thousands of hits. These are the links we recommend most: - global directory of Contact Improv groups, jams and classes

Contact Quarterly - a quarterly journal of Contact Improv articles

Earthdance - a center in Massachusetts largely oriented towards Contact Improv - world events map, photos, videos, discussions, announcements, and hundreds of Contact Improv links - schedule, interviews and writings of one of the top teachers of Contact - events, photos, listings, and discussion topics related to Contact Improv

Contact Improv events - over 100 weekly Contact Improv events around the world

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